CheerUp image with roller skates

Natural Mood Enhancement

🛼 Summer of '85 Cheer up and strap on some roller skates! Before we set off, #CheerUp was not created as a solution for serious illnesses such as d...

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Calivita Curcuma Pro Image

Curcuma - Spice or Herb?

Curcuma (Curcuma longa), the plant that grows in the tropical area of Asia, has spread all over the world as a spice of bright yellow color, an in...

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Intestinal Flora Article Image

Intestinal Flora

Typically, we do not imagine it with pleasure. Being “civilised” people, we do not talk readily about processes taking place in the abdomen and in...

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Calivita Beauty Formula Image

Beauty Formula

Summer is here, days are getting longer and there is more sunlight breaking through the clouds. Although many people are undoubtedly pleased with ...

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Calivita Garlic Max Image

Garlic Max

More people are concerned by cardiovascular problems than any other condition. The issue of blood pressure reflects this well: these days the bloo...

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Calivita ParaProtex Image


The comprehensive solution for your parasite problems ParaProtex is a complex intestinal cleanse tablet. The key to its success lies in the wi...

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