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CheerUp image with roller skates

Natural Mood Enhancement

🛼 Summer of '85 Cheer up and strap on some roller skates! Before we set off, #CheerUp was not created as a solution for serious illnesses such as d...

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Calivita Curcuma Pro Image

Curcuma - Spice or Herb?

Curcuma (Curcuma longa), the plant that grows in the tropical area of Asia, has spread all over the world as a spice of bright yellow color, an in...

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Quality Guarantee

It's not by accident that Calivita vitamins have been satisfying customers for over 30 years. Calivita implies security and trust in what you're buying. Premium quality and unique formulas are the foundations on which Calivita operates.

About Our Products

California Fitness


In the early 90's California Fitness was established. California Fitness was among the very first to bring high quality sports supplements and vitamins from North America to Central and Eastern European nations.

One decade later...

Calivita Is born

Rebranded for the new millenium. California Fitness doubled down on vitamins and healthy living and became Calivita. Slick and with a fresh feel, the values of Health & Wealth remained at the core of the brand.

The future

Is Bright

Shine. On.