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More people are concerned by cardiovascular problems than any other condition. The issue of blood pressure reflects this well: these days the blood pressure of one in four women and one in five men is higher than normal.

And the situation doesn’t seem to be improving. In the past 30 years, for example, the number of high blood pressure patients has doubled. While in 1975, 595 million people were affected, this figure reached 1,13 billion in 2015.


Why is it dangerous if your blood pressure is high? It’s enough if you remember that it is called the silent killer. Too high blood pressure can be blamed for 80-90 percent of serious cardiovascular disorders. This is because higher than normal blood pressure exerts greater pressure on the walls of blood vessels, which may damage arteries in the long run: they may harden and thicken, deteriorating the blood supply and increasing the risk of a heart attack.

Of course, the worsening blood supply is not only a result of this. If the level of cholesterol, which otherwise has vital functions, becomes higher in the blood for a prolonged period, the process of atherosclerosis starts. As a result of the cholesterol buildup, the artery wall loses its flexibility and its diameter reduces. This not only decreases the flow of blood but the blood vessels may get blocked, which also increases the risk of a heart attack.


The good news is that garlic can be very helpful here. The medicinal effect of this herb was not realised recently but in the past. For example, people wore garlic cloves as amulets in the Middle Ages in order to be cleansed and healed. It is also quite indicative of its reputation that plague doctors used to carry garlic leaves among other things in their birdlike masks (through which they breathed in the air) for the purposes of sterilisation.

Garlic contains important minerals and vitamins (A, B, C, E) and it has a strong antioxidant effect. In the beginning it was not noted for its beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system; its powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties were much better known. So perhaps it is no surprise that it’s been a preferred preservative of meats for centuries. Back in 1920 a pharmaceutical company isolated its antibacterial active ingredient, allicin. It was revealed that it is even more effective than penicillin against certain microorganisms.

In addition to its antibiotic and immune strengthening effects, these days its ability to preserve the health of the cardiovascular system is in the limelight again: it helps the proper operation of the heart, the arteries and the veins; it contributes to maintaining the appropriate level of blood pressure, cholesterol and fats; and it helps evade the harmful effects of oxidative stress.


Returning to CaliVita's Garlic Caps, what has changed apart from the name? We have modernised and developed it to bring its contents in harmony with the latest research results. Thus one capsule now contains 3 times more garlic, in other words, the active ingredient content has increased from 350 mg to 1,000 mg. What’s more, we have increased not only the quantity of garlic but also that of parsley, its complementary vegetable. Apart from excellently neutralising the garlic smell, parsley has further roles in the product. Because this well-known vegetable-herb stimulates the kidney functions and increases the excretion of urine so it supplements the beneficial effect of garlic on blood pressure with its slight diuretic effect.

Garlic Max is a food supplement.

It should not be used as a substitute for a medical treatment of high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol level, diabetes and other diseases.  Please always consult Your doctor or a medical professional.

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