Beauty Formula

Summer is here, days are getting longer and there is more sunlight breaking through the clouds. Although many people are undoubtedly pleased with this change, many anxiously examine themselves in the mirror and notice among other things one or more of the following: a pale face, dull hair, or brittle nails. Therefore, it is time for both an internal and external renewal of our bodies so that when nature bursts into bloom, we also can radiate with health and beauty. Within the CaliVita® product range the formulas serving the beauty of our hair and skin have been around for a long time but we have now added a complex formula in which we have specifically included those active ingredients that target the health of hair, skin and nails. So Beauty Formula is a new, complex dietary supplement, a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, collagen and beneficial herbs. Let us examine below how these active ingredients may help to preserve our beauty  

One of the main components of the formula is formula in two forms. Partly as itself and silicon, which is present partly as one of the active ingredients of wood horsetail, which has been utilised in extract form. Silicon can be found in the body mostly in connective and supportive tissues. It promotes the elasticity of the collagen fibres of skin and it is necessary to maintain the structure of hair and nails and it is also an important building block of joints and tendons. As it contributes to the youthfulness and elasticity of skin and makes hair and nails strong and resistant, it is a popular raw material in up-to-date beauty formulas.

Sulphurous amino acids, like L-cysteine and L-methionine, are used in the formula and are the building blocks of the protein (keratin) constituting about 95% of hair. Therefore, it may significantly aid the preservation of the healthy structure of hair. They can be very useful to apply in the case of weak, brittle hair and may have a beneficial effect on the elasticity of skin as well as the structure of nails.

The third main group of active ingredients of Beauty Formula consists of vitamins. Vitamins A, B2, B3 and C, in addition to their several other beneficial effects, are responsible for the preservation of the healthy structure of hair, skin and nails. Vitamin B6 participates in protein metabolism, while vitamin B12 (among others) plays an important role in energy processes.

Besides vitamins, Beauty Formula contains various herbs, like wood horsetail, nettle and numerous minerals as well. Iodine is an important micro-element not only for the thyroid gland but also for hair, skin and nails too. Zinc, in addition to supporting the immune system also helps preserve the healthy structure of skin, while copper participates in maintaining the normal pigmentation of skin and hair.
The components of Beauty Formula may help make our skin youthful and elastic, our hair shiny and thick and our nails strong and resistant. By selecting the active ingredients we made an effort to use chemical forms of organic bond (chelates), the absorption and utilisation of which in the body are far more favourable than that of inorganic forms.

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