Bioresonance - How does it work?

Pulsing electromagnetic therapy is one of the greatest promises of future medicine, as it triggers the most fundamental processes of our organization, stimulates the body's self-generation which is the key to maintaining good health.


The human body is made up of cells and fibers that contribute to producingenergy and while functioning create a metabolic product.
In doing so, billions of chemical processes are created in our body every second. This means approximately 7000 chemical reactions by cells every second.
Geneticist and doctor of biochemistry Mae Wan Ho, discovered that each biochemical process is preceded by electromagnetic activity. Each cell in our body is a tiny electromagnetic unit, which responds with an
electrical impulse to the effect of external energy. In other words, it communicates.
Thus, there is an electromagnetic biocommunication system besides the hormonal and neural control which is responsible for coordinating the biochemical processes of cells.
Because the human body is made up of billions of cells, many processes must simultaneously happen in the perfect sequence.
An absence of a small process , and there is no proper sequence for the next cell operation.


Bio-resonance is a process that communicates with the cells using electromagnetic signals. The procedure is useful when if due to any external influences (and it’s a fact that
there plenty) the cells are given wrong instructions, this lesion can be measured and corrected in time.
The method is based on the known wave laws of resonance or quenching phenomenon. The resonance is actually formed during the various waves encounters and the outcome depends on the phase of waves at the moment of the encounter. So while some waves reinforce each other, others weaken or completely cancel out each other`s effects.
Healthy waves are called harmonic and those that are characteristic of a disease are called disharmonic. The point of the treatment is to strengthen the harmonic vibrations and eliminate disharmonic ones. This means that if in case of illness when contrary waves are transmitted into the body, we will block the wrong communication of cells therefore seize the actual cause.


One direction of the enhanced therapeutic solutions is the easy to use, specifically developed for home-use appliances. These are not suitable for diagnostic purposes, but for a variety of therapeutics, in particular in the prevention phase.
More elaborate frequency ranges are installed in such devices that help restore the body's balance after different diseases or functional disorders. A continuous electromagnetic biostimulation can be maintained with its use without medical supervision