Chlorophyll: Beauty or Health product?

Earlier this year, Liquid Chlorophyll gained popularity as a form of natural treatment for acne-- Liquid chlorophyll products started selling like hotcakes. 

This was surprising for those of us who have been in the vitamin game for a while.  Previously, we all believed that chlorophyll was useful for when you had a little too much pasta and wine for dinner and needed something to settle down your stomach. It feels like the incredible benefits chlorophyll has for your digestive system have been overlooked in light of this trend.

Green inside, Clean inside. It says so on the bottle-- and it's true. Drinking this stuff honestly just feels good. Some of our diets (mine, my diet) are so poor that it challenges your digestive system. Chlorophyll products offer almost instant relief when the situation is dire. It's not like I've never had a vegetable in my life but some of us are more prone to acid reflux. 

I can't believe that this knowledge is not more widespread. Plenty of people suffer from acid reflux and somehow chlorophyll is not a common suggestion to ease its symptoms.

I think it's kind of cool that chlorophyll is now mainstream. People know what I'm talking about now! 

So I'll just leave this here. If you have acid reflux try a chlorophyll product. I can save you the trouble of finding one because you're just a few clicks away ;)

Yours truly,