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Calivita C 500 - High dose Vitamin C

Calivita C 500 - High dose Vitamin C FL0022
Calivita C 500 - High dose Vitamin C
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  • Brand: Calivita
  • Product: C 500
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 With its high dosage, our delayed release vitamin C preparation C 500 means excellent immune strengthening vitamin supplementation during critical periods. In addition, it also contributes to normal collagen production and helps maintain the health of blood vessels, bones, cartilages, teeth, gums and the skin. As an antioxidant, it assists protection against the adverse effects of free radicals; it may slow down the visible signs of ageing; and itplays an important role in energy producing metabolic processes.

Who do we recommend it to?
• Those susceptible to infections,
• everybody in the cooler winter months in order to provide stronger support to the immune system,
• people who are doing sports and those performing hard physical work to reduce exhaustion,
• those under intense mental strain in order to support the normal functioning of the nervous system,
• elderly people and those recovering from diseases,
• active and passive smokers,
• those who frequently consume alcohol,
• in order to intensify the absorption of iron (especially for women during their fertile years and patients suffering from iron-deficiency anemia)

Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency may include:
general tiredness, decreased vitality, weakening immune system, mental problems, lengthened wound healing, slower recovery from diseases or gingival bleeding.

Did you know that, that the majority of smokers suffer from vitamin C deficiency? According to certain estimates, in addition to a number of other harmful effects, a single cigarette may “use up” as much as 25-50 mg vitamin C, not to mention the fact that smoking may also inhibit the absorption of vitamin C.

Vitamin C500 mg
Dosage1 tablet daily
Packaging100 tablets

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