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Calivita Beta Carotene - The precursor of Vitamin A

Calivita Beta Carotene - The precursor of Vitamin A CV0303
Calivita Beta Carotene - The precursor of Vitamin A
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Beta carotene is the precursor of vitamin A and the human body can convert it into vitamin A according to its needs. Vitamin A is a building element of the retina, an essential part of our eyes, which plays an indispensible role in the process of light perception. Its frequent application also contributes to the normal condition of skin and it can help us avoid the damage caused by UV radiation.

Who do we recommend it to?
• Before going on holiday, in order to prepare the skin for sunbathing and for people who wish to maintain their tanned complexion for longer,
• the partially sighted and those with certain eye problems,
• those seeking effective antioxidant protection,
• those following a low-fat diet or suffering from absorption disorders.

Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency may include: night blindness, eye problems, blood formation problems, diarrhoea, skin conditions, susceptibility to upper respiratory diseases.

Did you know, that beta carotene, combined with zinc and vitamins C and E, can contribute to preventing age-related sight deterioration?*

Beta Carotene9000 I.U.
DosageTake 1 softgel daily.
Packaging100 softgels

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