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Brand: Calivita
Calcium Magnesium Plus active ingredients/2 capsules:Calcium          500 mg Magnesium    250 mg Vitamin D3 200 IU Vitamin K2 90 µg..
Brand: Calivita
Culevit is a natural blend of vitamins and amino acids that contains a significant amount of amino acids, vitamins and other building blocks of cells, which all have special importance in the regeneration and strengthening of the body in case of serious illnesses, weakened health, weight loss and ba..
Brand: Calivita
Mega qProtect active ingredients/2 tablets:Beta carotene    16667 I.U. Retinol       4995    I.U. Lycopene complex       5    mg Vitamin C       200    mg Vitamin E       100    mg Selenium       50    mcg Zinc       8    mg Manganese       2    mg Coenzyme Q10       10    mg L-Cysteine..
Brand: Calivita
A preparation containing omega-3 fatty acids (EPADHA), gained from valuable fish oil by way of molecular distillation. Its active ingredients contribute to maintaining normal blood fat levels and blood pressure, reduce inflammations, assist the normal functioning of the nervous system and the braina..
Brand: Calivita
 In our premium quality product, we combined valuable resveratrol from red wine with grape seeds, supporting blood vessels, and coenzyme Q10 , energising cells, to ensure as complete protection of the cardiovascular system as possible. On the other hand, ingredients of the product also assist p..
Calivita Senior Formula - Multivitamin for elderly people
New 2 - 3 Days
Brand: Calivita
Senior Formula is a multivitamin complex specifically designed for those over the age of 50, also containing minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, bioflavonoids and vegetable extracts such as ginkgo biloba, grape seed and pine bark. In addition to supporting the immune system, our preparation also..
Brand: Calivita
Soy lecithin helps maintain healthy blood fat levels and circulation, while it also protects the liver and supports its functioning. Lecithin has an outstanding importance in supporting mental freshness, concentration and learning processes or the struggle against mental decline; but it is also cons..
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