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Using our grandmother’s practices against fungus infections

Posted by Fábián 11/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

Now there is still time to treat skin infections until spring so if you don’t want to use medicines, try natural alternatives, which do not have some of the potential side effects.

According to certain data, one in two people get some kind of fungus infection during their lifetime. Luckily, these are mostly not lifethreatening infections but they are unpleasant enough to spend some time dealing with them. A nasty nail fungus infection or a Candida can easily spoil your daily life.

This time of the year in the cold weather, when we wear closed shoes all day, we create suitably moist and warm conditions for the development of fungi. What is worse, the infection can easily spread on to another part of the body or from one nail to the other. Those who wear tight shoes or tights or who do sports have high chances of contracting an infection.
Dermatologists generally prescribe antifungal ointments or liquids for the problem but if they aren’t effective, the doctor may recommend medicine in the form of tablets. Some of them may have damaging effects on the liver, which is why frequent blood tests are necessary in such cases to check the condition of the liver enzymes. However, much gentler methods are also available against fungal infections!



Natural methods against skin and nail fungal infections


We recommend Oregano Oil against the various fungal diseases of the skin and the nails, primarily against nail fungi, also suitable for external use, if you would like to treat the infection with home practices or just supplement the medicine treatment. Thanks to one of its active ingredients, oregano oil helps to destroy fungi helps to destroy fungi or prevent their multiplication. You can also use oregano oil as part of prevention in order to avoid the infection.

The garlic extract in Garlic Caps can also be helpful during an antifungal treatment. During a study, its effectiveness was examined against Trichophyton rubrum, the species causing the most common skin infection. Based on the results, the allicin contents of garlic is comparable to that of a very popular and commonly applied antifungal medicine, naturally without its side effects.

ParaProtex is an effective, antiparasitic and antifungal complex formula, which enters the battle to fight infections in a gentle way
with its contents long-applied in traditional medicine, such as garlic, grapefruit seed oil, cloves high in essential oils, as well as other
renowned herbs like myrrh, barberry and Pau D’Arco, all concentrated in one tablet. It is also recommended in the case of Candida as it supports the body`s defence mechanism, while sparing the intestinal bacteria.


Candida – when the inner balance overturns

Candida albicans, a so-called sprouting fungus, is normally present in the colon and vagina, which does not cause symptoms but if the
sensitive microflora of the mentioned areas overturns, it can easily overgrow. This can typically occur after an antibiotic treatment but even due to a stressful period or other kind of disease. This may cause unpleasant complaints, against which doctors are
forced to prescribe some kind of antifungal medicine, often not long after the antibiotic treatment. This can be avoided or regeneration
can be helped with probiotic supplementation, started during the antibiotic treatment and applied for weeks afterwards, as well as
natural antifungal preparations, if necessary. Groups of people more susceptible to fungal infections require special attention, such as
those taking immune suppressants or diabetes patients.


Always apply products with garlic contents with lots of water or fruit juice. If you have coagulation problems or if you are facing a planned operation, always seek your physician’s advice before applying garlic preparations. People allergic to garlic and/or those who are sensitive to any active ingredients of lilaceous plants, should not consume the product. Nursing mothers should consider that certain components of garlic may be secreted into mother’s milk

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