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Brand: Calivita
C 1000 Plus supports the protective activity of our immune system with delayed release mega dose vitamin C and organic grown rosehips to intensify its effects during every critical period when our body needs it most. In addition, it also contributes to normal collagen production and helps maintain t..
Brand: Calivita
Detox Patch active ingredients:Bamboo vinegar Cypress vinegar Tourmaline Agaricus mushroom Achyranthis radix Paeoniae rubrae radix Siberian ginseng Artemisia iwayomogi Caragana sinica Platicodon grandiflorum..
Brand: Calivita
 L-Lysine PLUS capsules offer a concentrated form of the amino acid lysine, which our body cannot produce but which can provide effective protection against certain pathogens, such as the herpes virus. In addition, lysine has a major role in the formation of collagen, the building material of t..
Brand: Calivita
A preparation containing omega-3 fatty acids (EPADHA), gained from valuable fish oil by way of molecular distillation. Its active ingredients contribute to maintaining normal blood fat levels and blood pressure, reduce inflammations, assist the normal functioning of the nervous system and the braina..
Calivita Organic Acai - Bio acai juice
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Calivita
How can CaliVita® Organic Acai win the race?100% acai. Other liquid acai brands only contain 25% acai, while the rest can consist of up to 18-20 kinds of fruits. So when you buy them, you pay for the “filling material” and not clear, 100% acai.100% bio. Most acai products do not con..
Brand: Calivita
Organic Noni active ingredient: Organic certified noni fruit solids (Morinda citrifolia)  ..
Brand: Calivita
Shark Aid is a dietary supplement containing shark cartilage, which effectively supports the healthy functioning of the joints. Shark cartilage is rich in such substances that are also among the components of human cartilages, such as chondroitin sulphate, which is known for its anti-inflammatory ef..
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