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Calivita Ginkgo XC - Ginkgo biloba supplement

Calivita Ginkgo XC - Ginkgo biloba supplement CV0297
Calivita Ginkgo XC - Ginkgo biloba supplement
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  • Brand: Calivita
  • Product: Ginkgo XC
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Ginkgo XC is a preparation containing a large quantity of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, which effectively supports blood circulation, the oxygen and nourishment supply of cells and healthy brain functions, while it also protects cells from the free radicals as a strong anti-oxidant.

Who do we recommend it to?
• Elderly people to support maintaining the desired level of brain functions,
• in the case of increased strain,
• those who often experience that their limbs feel cold or warm up with difficulty,
• those who seek strong antioxidant protection.

Did you know, that Ginkgo was already used in China for medical purposes as early as in 2600 BC? It was used to treat asthma and bronchitis.

Ginkgo biloba Blatt Extrakt (std. 24% flavonglycosides, 6% terpenes)
Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (std. 24% flavonglycosides, 6 % terpenes)90 mg
Dosage1 tablet daily
Packaging100 tablets

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