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Herb based formulas

Herb based formulas
Brand: Calivita
The unsaturated fatty acid components of evening primrose oil are known for several positive effects. They contribute to maintaining the health of the cuticle and connective tissues, thus supporting the beauty and tightness of the skin. They also positively influence the total and LDL cholesterol bl..
Brand: Calivita
Ginkgo XC is a preparation containing a large quantity of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, which effectively supports blood circulation, the oxygen and nourishment supply of cells and healthy brain functions, while it also protects cells from the free radicals as a strong anti-oxidant.Who do we recommend..
Brand: Calivita
Liquid Chlorophyll active ingredients/5 ml: Chlorophyllin    15 mg (as sodium copper chlorophyllin originated from alfalfa)..
Brand: Calivita
Oregano Oil active ingredient/ daily dosage: Oil of Oregano Leaf Extract 13 mg (std. 3.5% Carvacrol)  ..
Brand: Calivita
Also known as “man root”, ginseng is one of the longest applied and most popular natural performance enhancer. It supports the improvement of physical and mental performance and concentration but it can also be recommended to relieve nervousness or anxiety.Who do we recommend it to?• In times of gr..
Brand: Calivita
ParaProtex - Defense against viruses, fungi, bacterias and parasitesParaProteX is our leading product for 17 years. The key to its success is its wide spectrum and its unique combination of active ingredients, which is the result of careful research activity.On the one hand, we combined such active ..
Calivita Super Soya Lecithin - Soy lecithin
New 2 - 3 Days
Brand: Calivita
Soy lecithin helps maintain healthy blood fat levels and circulation, while it also protects the liver and supports its functioning. Lecithin has an outstanding importance in supporting mental freshness, concentration and learning processes or the struggle against mental decline; but it is also cons..
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