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Calivita Shark Aid - Shark cartilage

Calivita Shark Aid - Shark cartilage FL0017
Calivita Shark Aid - Shark cartilage
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  • Brand: Calivita
  • Product: Shark Aid
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Shark Aid is a dietary supplement containing shark cartilage, which effectively supports the healthy functioning of the joints. Shark cartilage is rich in such substances that are also among the components of human cartilages, such as chondroitin sulphate, which is known for its anti-inflammatory effect among other things.

Who do we recommend it to?
• Athletes and hard physical work, in order to relieve the harmful effects of the extreme strain on their cartilages,
• elderly people in order to support the healthy functioning of cartilages and appropriate chondrification,
• in order to supplement treatment in the case of rheumatic arthritis.

Did you know, that sharks have no bones in their body, only cartilages?

Haiknorpel (dog fish shark=Squalus acanthias)
Shark cartilage (dog fish shark=Squalusacanthias)750 mg
Dosage2 tablets before meals 3 times daily
Packaging90 tablets

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