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Calivita Nopalin - Fibre tablets with Nopal

Calivita Nopalin - Fibre tablets with Nopal CV0265
Calivita Nopalin - Fibre tablets with Nopal
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Produced using Nopal cactus fig, Nopalin supports detoxification and has beneficial effects on the functioning of the intestines as a rich source of fibres, while it provides vitamins (B1, B2, niacin) and minerals for the body. The cactus fig can prevent the absorption of fats and it also intensifies their decomposition and secretion. With its diuretic effect, it supports the functioning of the bladder and helps the kidneys.

Who do we recommend it to?
• Those on a slimming diet, due to the sensation of fullness as a result of taking the tablets,
• in order to reduce the problem of constipation,
• in order to reduce high cholesterol and triglyceride levels,
• for diabetes patients, in order to increase the consumption of fibres,
• those struggling with cellulites problems.

Did you know, that the failure of slimming diets is often due to the psychic and physical sensation of hunger? The fibres of the cactus fig, the base material of Nopalin, swell during digestion, thus developing the sensation of fullness

Globally,347 million people suffer from diabetes. In 2004 3.4 million people died in as a result of diabetes. According to the estimates of (WHO), diabetes will be ranked 7th among the leading causes of death by 2030.* Research activities related to nopal have been performed since 1979 in order to prevent diabetes as it was discovered that a much larger proportion of the Mexican population living in the area of the United States
suffered from diabetes than the Mexicans living in Mexico, where the local inhabitants treat nopal cactus as food.

They consume it boiled, fried, grilled and also raw in the form of salads. The experiments revealed that nopal is capable of decreasing sugar levels in the blood. This is probably because the absorption of carbohydrates is slowed down, which decreases the production of insulin.

It is a basic principle for diabetes
patients that the consumption of fibres reduces blood sugar reaction. Include Nopalin in your daily diet and this way you can increase the consumption of fibres, ensuring that your blood sugar levels remain within the normal range.

Diabetes – Fact sheet N°312, Updated March 2013 Media Centre, WHO

Dehydrated Nopal Cactus300 mg
Getrockneter Nopal-Kaktus
Dosage 3x2 tablets with meals
Packaging200 tablets

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