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Calivita Digestive Enzymes - Supporting the digestive system

Calivita Digestive Enzymes - Supporting the digestive system CV0127
Calivita Digestive Enzymes - Supporting the digestive system
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  • Brand: Calivita
  • Product: Digestive Enzymes
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Digestive Enyzmes contains digestive enzymes and such active agents of vegetable origin that contribute to the digestive processes. If your eating habits or lifestyle are not appropriate, this can easily upturn the balance of your
digestive system. The decomposition of nutrients with the help of enzymes is the first step towards good absorption and utilisation. With the proper enzymes, you can assist the decomposition of the fats, proteins and carbohydrates,
thus supporting your digestive system and your body.

Who and for what do we recommend it?
• Those who would like to support their digestive system appropriately,
• in the case of frequent consumption of bloating food and problems of bloating,
• in the case of problems related to digestion.

Did you know, that the efficiency of digestion decreases with age? In the case of people belonging to blood type A, this complaint is common, regardless of age. In the case of serious gastrointestinal illnesses (e.g. gastric ulcer), make sure you consult your physician before applying the product.

Bromelain12.5 mg
Diastase (barley)10 mg
Diastase (Gerste)
Fennel seed75 mg
Glutamic acid25 mg
Pancreatin75 mg
Papain5 mg
Pepsin17.5 mg
Protease7.5 mg
Turmeric37.5 mg
Dosage2x1 tablet with meal
Packaging100 tablets

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