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Calivita Aquarion - Water filtering device

Calivita Aquarion - Water filtering device CE0003
Calivita Aquarion - Water filtering device
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  • Brand: Calivita
  • Product: Aquarion
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Aquarion is a high performance water filtering device that produces ionised alkaline or acidic water, rich in oxygen but free from heavy metals and toxic substances, in grades set by the user. Our diet, most food industrial additives and certain medications can result in the acidification of the body. Ionised water can  alkalinise the body very well and it also has antioxidant effects.Alkaline water
  • Those who would like to consume clean water free from toxic substances every day,
  • whose diet does not contain ample amounts of alkalinising food products,
  • in the case of digestive problems and reflux*,
  • for cleansing diets,
  • as a supplement to the treatment of gingivitis or oral infections,
  • people who often have strict diets.
Acidic water
  • Everybody to treat their skin and face,
  • as nasal drops, to clean a clogged nose,
  • water of higher pH value can be used in the household to sterilise surfaces without using chemicals.

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