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Calivita OrganiCare Bath & Shower - Organic shower gel

Calivita OrganiCare Bath & Shower - Organic shower gel CC0028
Calivita OrganiCare Bath & Shower - Organic shower gel
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  • Brand: Calivita
  • Product: OrganiCare Bath & Shower
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Our OrganiCare cosmetics products contain  valuable active ingredients from herbs produced on organic farms. During our traditional production method that follows manual harvesting and involves great attention and control, we do not use any kind of chemical processing aids to ensure preservation of the entire effect of the valuable components.   This results in products of extremely high quality, pureness and effectiveness. The OrganiCare product family contains a shower gel, a body lotion, a shampoo, a hair conditioner, two different types of toothpaste and a first aid balm. Thanks to the gentle care provided by our natural, allergen-free ingredients, the whole family can use our products so it is the ideal choice for children and people with sensitive skin alike. The main pillar of our body and hair care active ingredients is composed of  aloe vera, olive oil, wheat germ oil, lavender, rosemary and Shea butter. We enclose the strength and purity of the herb wrapped in a particularly fine scent in an elegantly sleek packaging, thus helping to restore the natural state of your skin and hair. ORGANICARE BATH & SHOWER (250 ml) gel gently cleans, protects and nurtures your skin while you take a shower or a bath, filling you with pleasant freshness and a sense of well-being.
  • For every skin type including sensitive skin and for everyday use,
  • for the whole family including children,
  • everybody who would like to clean the skin with organic, allergen-free ingredients.
Packaging250 ml

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