Curcuma (Curcuma longa), the plant that grows in the tropical area of Asia, has spread all over the world as a spice of bright yellow color, an ingredient of popular curry. However, it is not only suitable to flavor our food but it also protects our health. It has been in use for millennia in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and in India’s Ayurvedic system. In these countries, it is part of the home pharmacy, mainly as a herb with anti-inflammatory and digestion stimulating effects. Modern age has confirmed this and the various studies have shown its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

Against inflammations

The antioxidant quality of curcuma compares with that of vitamins C and E and it also plays a role in inhibiting inflammations. It relieves oxidative stress and it may also help
neutralize free radicals, thus blocking the spread of inflammatory processes.

Inflammations may have a role in the development of many illnesses associated with aging (among other things). Metabolic diseases (type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome), illnesses of the nervous system (dementia) and, of course, the autoimmune illnesses (inflammatory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis) are all such conditions where the reduction of the inflammation can result in improvement of the patient’s health. This is where the curcuma extract with high curcumin content can come in useful.


For arthritis complaints

Several clinical studies have found curcuma effective in reducing inflammations so it is no surprise that it may offer effective help in the therapy of arthritic inflammations (rheumatoid arthritis, RA). This fact is supported by a number of clinical studies, where the anti-inflammatory effect of 500 mg curcumin and 50 mg non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) was compared, combined or separately, among patients living with rheumatoid arthritis.

The curcumin group demonstrated the most significant reduction in the activity of the illness, as well as the sensitivity and swelling of the joints, so curcumin effectively decreased the symptoms and it may even be useful to reduce the necessary dose of SAID, and, consequently the short and long term side-effects of these drugs.


Form is what counts

On the other hand, utilization studies showed that extremely low quantities of the traditional extracts are absorbed and even this low quantity is transformed relatively quickly to be excreted from the body so it is important in what form we take curcuma.

CaliVita® introduced its new product, CurcumaPro, where MicroActive® curcuma extract can be absorbed up to ten times more effectively than with traditional curcuma extracts.