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Vital news & curiosities

02 Aug Renewed GARLIC MAX!
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More people are concerned by cardiovascular problems than any other condition. The issue of blood pressure reflects this well: these days the blood pressure of one in four women and one in five men is higher than normal. And the situation doesn’t seem to improve. In the past 30 years, for exampl..
03 Apr Beauty Formula - Shine everyday
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 Spring is approaching, days are getting longer and there is more sunlight breaking through the clouds. Although many people are undoubtedly pleased with this change, many anxiously examine themselves in the mirror and notice among other things one or more of the following: a pale face, dull hair,..
03 Apr How to imagine intestinal flora?
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Generally, we do not imagine it with pleasure. Being “civilized” people, we do not talk readily about processes taking place in the abdomen and intestines. What happens in the restroom is exclusively our business and remains where we left it, we might think. Well, as long as everything goes well, i..
19 Dec Bioresonance - HOW DOES IT WORK?
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Pulsing electromagnetic therapy is one of the greatest promises of future medicine, as it triggers the most fundamental processes of our organization, stimulates the body's self-generation which is the key to maintaining good health.FOR OUR PERFECT FUNCTIONINGThe human body is made up of cells..
19 Dec Curcuma – spice or herb?
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Curcuma (Curcuma longa), the plant that grows in the tropical area of Asia, has spread all over the world as a spice of bright yellow color, an ingredient of popular curry. However, it is not only suitable to flavor our food but it also protects our health. It has been in use for millennia in Tradit..
11 Dec Acai helps fight against metabolic syndrome
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 The term “metabolic syndrome” is unknown to many, although you may also be among those concerned and you may notice you experience one or two symptoms yourself. Our article, clearly explains the disease, who it affects, why it is dangerous and how we can overcome this condition. What is metab..
11 Dec Using our grandmother’s practices against fungus infections
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Now there is still time to treat skin infections until spring so if you don’t want to use medicines, try natural alternatives, which do not have some of the potential side effects.  According to certain data, one in two people get some kind of fungus infection during their lifetime. Luckily, thes..
03 Dec The role vitamin D in preserving our health
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Vitamin D for the winter season!Our heart still aches a bit for summer with its soft warmth and lightness and many people only try to survive in this part of the year. They keep their fingers crossed to avoid the flu, seasonal distress and to get through the painfully short days. If you have got ..
15 Aug The product range of CaliVita® International
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In the 21st century, humankind has had to face problems affecting the whole world such as an accelerated information society, increased industrial and agricultural production caused by overpopulation, environmental pollution and greenhouse effects. As a result – according to a 2006 strategy repo..
01 Feb The beneficial effects of probiotics
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Humans live in symbiosis with a number of bacteria, fungi and even viruses. This means that most microorganisms don't cause problems to the host, and some of them are downright necessary for the healthy function of the body. According to recent studies, it is possible that the newborn baby is not s..
01 Feb Reduce the stress!
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Based on a survey of 200,000 members in our vitamin deficiency diagnostic test (, roughly 50% indicated at least some of the symptoms of nervousness, irritability, or depression. This suggests that stress is a more common condition in our daily lives than we may realize. E..
01 Feb The product range of CaliVita International
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In the 21st century, humankind had to face problems affecting the whole world such as accelerated information society, increased industrial and agricultural production caused by overpopulation, environmental pollution and greenhouse effects.As a result – according to a 2006 in the EU* – quality of..
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